POS SYSTEM: ARBAPRO Café for your Company’s onsite Café and Coffee Bar

ARBAPRO Café is a cost effective POS Inventory Control system designed for your on site café, coffee bar, or other foodservices area. Enhanced employee convenience, tighter financial control, and increased revenue are all measurable benefits your ARBAPRO system will deliver to your foodservices operations.

The system speeds check out time so employees spend less time standing in line, and more quality time enjoying a meal or snack.

Used in the United States and Canada, the system is capable of handling local currency.

Include ARBAPRO employee payroll deductions with your ARBAPRO system so that employees may make food and beverage purchases by simply swiping the employee badge they already carry. This cashless payment method is a valued employee benefit that results in increased revenue and café participation, and higher average check amounts.

Productivity is frequently enhanced with the use of payroll deductions, as having this easy cashless payment option incents employees to remain onsite, rather than seek off site dining alternatives.

Developed on Microsoft .NET SQL solution framework, our software products are Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible POS solutions. Outstanding software is teamed with retail-hardened POS hardware, onsite installation and training, and technical phone support.

Automated Payroll Deductions

This cashless payment method is a valuable benefit for your employees that allows their café and coffee bar purchases to be automatically deducted from paychecks. This eliminates the need to carry cash, delivers faster service, and increases employee cafeteria participation.

ARBAPRO Café uses your existing Employee Badges or card identification system. Proximity cards, magnetic cards, bar-coded personnel cards can all be used to provide positive, secure identification at the point of sale.

Our customized data sharing with your corporate payroll system will save time in the cafeteria and in the payroll department. The system recognizes and tracks new and terminated employees, and credit limits may be set so that the cashier is notified should an account go over the set limit. You’ll be able to respond quickly to employee inquiries on payroll deduction history using our customer PLU sales look up and reporting feature.

Departmental Charges allow foodservices costs for catering events to be internally charged to any selected department or special group. Reports and statements are automatically generated.

Flexible Menu Management

ARBAPRO Café helps you automate and optimize your menu planning. Menu screens are completely customizable, accommodating your needs as you move from breakfast to lunch and dinner; and through daily and or weekly menu rotations.

Menus and screens are logically designed for optimal flow, speed and accuracy. We’ll work with you to create your new menu screens, then show you how to make your own changes and additions.

Comprehensive Reporting

With over 40 built in reports, ARBAPRO Café offers a wealth of sales, financial, and operational information. Detailed transaction data is extracted to provide the vital information you need to run your business at its maximum potential and profitability.

Inventory Control

ARBAPRO Café tracks inventory as items are sold, and as items are received into inventory. You’ll see exactly how each menu item is performing, as each “button” on your menu screens represents a menu item with a PLU number and price associated to it. This also ensures accurate pricing and sales reporting. Group your menu items into department categories such as beverages, sandwiches, soups, entrees, and more. Bar code technology further improves inventory accuracy and speeds check out time; whether you scan the manufacturer’s bar code on chips or bottled beverages, or create your own bar coded labels for placement on pre-packaged cooler items such as sandwiches or parfaits. You may even track food costs, and set reorder points for the items you never want to run out of.

Industries Served

ARBA Retail Systems works with customers in many industries to provide a comprehensive POS system, including logistics/transportation/trucking/, department of defense, manufacturing, and financial.

The ARBAPRO Café POS Inventory system accepts and tracks a variety of special payment tenders including gift cards, employee reward coupons and certificates for office workers, drivers, and plant employees.