POS Systems for Apparel Stores

Dress your apparel store for success with ARBAPRO Point of Sale Systems! Whether you are an independent boutique or one of several stores, a college store or a couture retailer, ARBA Retail Systems has the right POS System for your needs. With ARBAPRO POS Systems, your apparel store will maintain accurate item and store inventory and detailed sales records to help you improve the customer retail experience.

In order to be competitive, apparel stores must be able to accurately track item inventory. ARBAPRO POS Systems’ in-software matrix can help you maintain ideal inventory by setting detailed user sorts to track style, size, color, vendor and season. With this matrix, you can put items, departments and sub categories on sale, find and ship out-of-store items, and order out-of-stock items. With the ARBAPRO toolbox of reports and utilities giving you the information you need, you will avoid missing a sale due to out-of-stock items and tying up too much money in extra inventory by understanding what items sell, in what amount, and at what time. You will also be able to identify your best and worst performing items, departments, and vendors, enabling better buying and merchandising decisions. These decisions can turn one-time customers into repeat customers.

ARBAPRO POS Systems include a customer loyalty program feature that tracks customer purchases within the system, allowing stores to get rid of punch cards or store loyalty cards. Customers can earn loyalty points with each purchase, and stores can personalize marketing strategies and shopping experiences based on customer purchase histories.

Although ARBAPRO POS Systems are able to keep track of inventory through receiving and purchasing features, human error can affect inventory counts by theft, breakage, or miscount. ARBA Retail Systems offers the DatalogicMemor  scanner to help you complete physical inventory and merchandise receiving. The system allows you to add new items to inventory on the fly during receiving or purchasing and to purchase non-stock items. Ensure your inventory is always accounted for with ARBAPRO POS Systems. Our development team is currently working on a mobile inventory system—check back for updates!

Completing transactions with an ARBAPRO POS System is as easy as pressing a button on the touchscreen register or scanning a barcode. Have an item without a barcode? ARBAPRO POS Systems can print your own barcodes directly from the registers, or you may add a key to your register touch screen layout. Our Touch Dynamics All-in-One Touch Screen Cash Registers  feature credit card readers connected to the register, making transactions seamless and error-free. Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards vary based on credit card issuer, and they change frequently. ARBAPRO POS uses VeriFone’s PAYware Connect , a cloud-based hosted payment solution that is PCI DSS-compliant and reduces your PCI compliance scope. Payment processing has never been as convenient as it is with ARBAPRO POS Systems.

ARBAPRO POS Systems’ intuitive software and straightforward design are easy for your sales representatives and managers to learn and master. Training is robust and comprehensive, preparing your sales team to sell items quickly and efficiently. The ARBAPRO POS System will help determine your best sales rep and peak sales times by keeping track of sales productivity.

ARBA customers with multiple locations love our ARBAPRO Multi-Store System . ARBAPRO Multi-Store lets you manage multiple retail facilities as one centralized operation, with data from all locations combined in one central location.  All of the functionality of ARBAPRO’s Professional Version is provided in ARBAPRO Multi-Store, including inventory, purchasing and receiving, sales and sales reporting, cash register operations, historical data, and customer management. Managers of multiple stores can supervise every store from one location. If your store is out of a customer’s size or the color item a customer wants, ARBAPRO makes it easy for sales reps to find items at your other locations and have them shipped directly to the customer. Inventory may be received at the stores or a warehouse, and distributed to their destination.  Inter-store transfers tracks the movement of merchandise from one store to another.  Never miss out on a sale with ARBAPRO Multi-Store!

Contact us  today for a free quote and to see how an ARBAPRO POS System can keep your apparel store ‘in-style’!