POS Systems for Hospitals

ARBA offers hospital point of sale systems that meet all your POS and inventory control needs, whether your healthcare facility has a cafeteria, coffee shop, gift shop, Women’s Center shop, or all of the above.

Using a hospital POS solution for your cafeteria, cafe or gift shop offers many benefits for your facility as well as for your employees, patients and guests:

  • Faster throughput in the checkout line because of our highly intuitive touchscreen registers and cashless payment options
  • The ARBA Payroll Deduction Module can be directly or indirectly integrated with your accounting system, and allows your employees to make purchases using their employee badge and payroll deduction — helping them stay more productive while increasing your revenues by as much as 25-50%
  • Real-time inventory management means that items are tracked as they are received and sold — so you always know what you have on hand and can control costs
  • Menu planning for your coffee bar or cafeteria is a breeze with ARBA’s hospital cafeteria POS system, which allows you to preprogram 52 weeks worth of menus and rotate between menus for different times of day
  • Touchscreen registers are easy for gift shop volunteers to learn and operate
  • A wide variety of reports to help you make better purchasing decisions

For more than 28 years, ARBA’s hospital POS solutions have helped healthcare facilities manage inventory, increase revenues, and offer a better customer experience in their gift shops, cafeterias, medical equipment stores, coffee shops and women’s centers. Contact us today to learn more about the many benefits of using ARBA’s cafeteria POS system for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

ARBA POS for Hospital Gift Shops

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ARBA POS gives you real-time inventory control, automated purchasing & receiving, and accurate financial reporting. Our touch screen cash registers are easy for volunteers to use, and we are well-known for our excellent onsite training for both volunteers and gift shop managers. ARBA’s Employee Payroll Deduction option with employee badge scanning quickly processes payroll deductions at the cash register, and may be customized to automatically share files with the hospital payroll system.