Retail POS Systems for Colleges

No matter the size of your campus — from junior college to large university — ARBA Retail Systems has the college retail POS system you need for your bookstores, coffee shops, cafeterias, and other retail locations.

Campus Card System

Whether your students want to purchase a burger for lunch, a coffee on the way to class, or a stack of textbooks, they can pay quickly and securely using their existing ID card with our Campus Card system, an add-on to our university POS solutions. This system tracks not only the student’s ID info, but also each student’s purchase history and balance.

ARBA’s Campus Card solution for university retail POS systems also generates reports and statements automatically and allows you to set credit limits so the cashier will know when a student reaches their limit. It recognizes new students for quick setup, and our student customer PLU sales look up and reporting feature gives you fast, accurate info when a student needs to inquire about his or her purchase history.

University Retail POS System for College Bookstores

The ARBAPRO POS system makes it easier for your campus bookstore employees to track inventory and also provides a faster, easier checkout experience. Some of the benefits of this system include:

  • An in-software matrix for items with numerous attributes, such as size, style, color and season — very helpful for campus stores that sell clothing and accessories.
  • Book buyback feature that allows you to buy back used books at a set price and return them to stock to be resold.
  • A loyalty program that allows students to rack up loyalty points on purchases without the need for punch cards or extra time at the register.
  • Cashless payment options with ARBA’s Campus Card System, which uses the student’s ID to deduct the purchase price from the student’s account.

Contact us today for a free quote and to learn how our college and university retail POS systems provide benefits for your students while helping you speed up checkout time, manage inventory and increase revenues.