Cashless Payment Software

People nowadays don't carry cash. At least, most people nowadays don't carry cash. For both security and convenience reasons, most people find it much more practical to carry plastic or find other cashless payment options. Indeed, many new cashless payment methods are trending, and you should be sure your establishment is on the cutting edge.

Cashless payment software has come a long way since the early days of retail. Cash registers progressively evolved into more sophisticated terminals that not only took payments but also allowed clock in/clock out functions. Then, these terminals evolved further, and became even more sophisticated, allowing inventory to be tracked and orders to be processed right at the POS. POS systems of today can do more than several service providers combined.

Today, cashless payment software, along with state-of-the-art POS hardware, allow employers to do things that retailers of old would have never imagined. Those guys would think they were living in an episode of the Jetsons if they returned today. ARBA Pro POS systems combine the best of both worlds, giving our clients a dynamic and powerful tool that allows them to increase revenue, save boatloads of time, and make life easy for themselves, their staff, and their customers.

ARBA Pro Retail Systems has been revolutionizing the POS industry since the early 1980s. We have an intimate and precise knowledge of what employers, employees, and customers need to be happy in the retail world. Our cashless payment software provides numerous helpful features for our users.

Some of the features of our cashless payment software include the following:

Age verification and restricted staff settings- These allow employers to operate within the law without mistakes. Protect privileged and confidential information 

Staff restriction settings- These allow employers to decide what content, information, or options are available to whom.

One button digital reports- View your transaction history with the click of a button. Address refund requests and other customer service needs with this simple yet helpful feature.

Wristband verification- Scan wristbands in a second to check for proof of purchase.

ARBA Pro cashless payment software enables employers to accept payments from the following sources:

Employee badges/ID numbers

Credit/Debit cards



Loyalty rewards

Smart wallets


Google Pay/Apple Pay, and more!

ARBA Pro cashless payment software enables employers to tap into new streams of revenue, maximize profits, minimize losses, accept all modern forms of payments, manage refund and other customer service requests, and much more right from a convenient terminal or a smartphone or tablet. Call us today to discuss your cashless payment POS needs.

Cashless payment software allows business to be more responsive, more flexible, and react faster to customer needs. Everyone benefits from a faster, happier, smoother-running establishment. Since the world is going cashless, it only makes sense to be ready accommodate all needs and accept all payment preferences.  ARBA Pro is here to help take your business to the next level.

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