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There's no doubt that we are living in a hi-tech world and technology is changing the way we do everything. Today, many restaurants and other businesses are taking advantage of kiosk POS stations. Most customers love self-ordering kiosks, and these systems make the lives of everybody who works in the establishment with a self-service kiosk so much easier. With simple and intuitive touch-screen navigation, your customers will be able to choose their products and services and make cashless payments with a touch or a swipe. Contact ARBA Pro to learn more.

Say Goodbye to Human Error

Owning a kiosk POS presents numerous advantages to employers. For one thing, you will eliminate the possibility of human error. Even the best employees are prone to make mistakes from time-to-time, but ordering on a POS kiosk gives you fast and flawless performance.

Save Boatloads of Money

You'll be able to downsize your staff and save lots of money on insurance, taxes, and employee wages. For the cost of what a minimum wage employee makes in a half-year, you can purchase a POS kiosk that takes orders and processes payments just like a cashier. For a one-time investment, you will save boatloads of money for years and years to come.

Provide Better Guest Experiences

You will have the ability to let go of your worse performers and keep only the best performers because the new kiosks will replace much of what your labor force does. This enables you to give your best workers more money and to provide an overall better customer service experience for your guests.

You can all but eliminate disputes between contentious customers and edgy employees. Misunderstandings often lead to quarrels between heated guests and your workers. It's a bad look for your establishment and a great source of frustration for everyone involved. Our POS kiosk stations make it better for everyone involved.

How Will Your Guests Transition to Self-Serve Kiosks?

If you're concerned about how your guests will react to the change from person-to-person orders to self-serve kiosks, you're not alone! Every business owner and manager expresses these concerns. Fortunately, people are used to technology. Society has adjusted very well to the technology boom of the last 15+ years, and no business that uses our self-ordering kiosks have complained about customer experience. In fact, the result is the opposite. Employers save money, have happier guests, and happier employees. The fact that everyone now owns a smartphone and has experience using touch-screen devices makes for easy to transition to self-service kiosks in any establishment.

Purchase Your Self-Service POS Hardware and Software from ARBA Pro

To learn more about the specific products we provide and any upgrade packages we offer, please feel free to reach out. Touch-screen kiosk POS stations are the wave of the future. Now is the time to bring your establishment into the 21st Century. Although ARBA Pro caters mostly to cafeterias, restaurants, and cafes, just about any establishment, be it large or small, that sells products and or services, can benefit greatly from ARBA Pro self-service kiosks.

Kiosk POS

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