Quick Service POS

Keep your business reliable and responsive all the time. To be able to do that, get a POS or Point of Sale System. With Arba Retail Systems, we provide the most advanced technology that you can ask for to make these happen. A quick service POS can assure your customers or employees that they can rely on you all the time.

Fast and Accurate Information

With POS, you can deliver a lot of results for your company. Food business, retail store, or a private company that needs a self-service kiosk can benefit from a POS. With Arba Retail Systems, you can get a complete package of all you need.

It has a quick response. We are working for hand in hand with the large companies that are using the most advanced technology in delivering the response, internet security, and makers of the leading card-based identification and with Microsoft. Our dynamic partnership provides fast answers to our employees or consumers.

Accurate information is made possible by the Cloud platform. We chose to use Cloud because it works perfectly with Azure. With the two systems present installed on your POS, you can be assured to get accurate data gathered from your retail shop or cafeteria.

Card Transaction

Electronic point of sale is now very common to most businesses. It works well with cafeteria, stores and other types of businesses. With the EPOS around, you can process and entertain customers that rely only on their credit cards. To process the payment, they give you their card, and in one swipe, you are all done. You get your payment, and they get their shopping done.

Another card transaction is when you set up a kiosk in your company to make it easier for your employees to access their account, file disputes or check for their overall standing. The borderline between you as the employer and your employees are lessened to make them feel their importance.

It offers online selling at its finest. Some consumers would go to the convenience of transacting online. We assure to provide not just a quick transaction but a secured purchase and free from phishing scam or fraud.

Customized POS System

Our customers come from different kinds of businesses. With this, we provide personalized menus and system to fit in the needs of every user. We can help our clients get real-time reports from different locations or franchise of their stores or restaurants.

We can customize the menu of the POS register to help the cashier process payment online or onsite. This will give way to a more income on your part as well as gaining positive feedback from your customers.

Arba Platform

To enjoy our sophisticated database and get a quick service POS, get in touch with us now. We provide you with complete technical support for your POS system. Training is also provided to help you get familiarized with technology. Start a new business investment now to gain more profit in the future. Call us at our hotline 866-889-3093 for any inquiry to schedule a demo today.

Quick Service POS

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