Self-Service Kiosk POS

If your healthcare facility is like most others, your administration is continually looking for newer and better ways to generate revenue. There’s no shame in recognizing that the healthcare sector is similar to other industries in this regard: it’s always beneficial to consider the bottom line.

What if you could increase revenue in your cafeteria without compromising on the level of service your employees and customers receive? The answer would be pretty evident under these circumstances. Now, what if you could increase revenue by the same proportions while providing even better service? The answer becomes even more apparent when putting to these terms.

A Self Service Kiosk POS is the Solution

Much study has gone into understanding why new self-service technology is becoming the most preferred method of interacting with a company, in particular, purchasing products or services. Consumer experts like to call this the ‘social friction’ factor. When social friction is removed from the equation, sales increase across the board, regardless of the industry in question.

In simpler terms, that means more people are willing to purchase from a faceless kiosk that through face-to-face interaction with checkout personnel. Now, here comes the kick- self-service kiosk POS systems provide a better checkout process for the buyer.

Labor Costs Reduced

ARBA Retail Systems installs self-service kiosks that encourage employees and customers to buy their meals in your cafeteria rather than bring in their meals from an outside source. The cashless, streamlined checkout process reduces the number of workers your facility will need to keep on duty during any particular shift. For some cafeterias, it means only a single employee is necessary for oversight of operations, versus 6-10 cashiers per shift, for a large cafeteria.

Our fully-customizable systems can be configured to allow employees and customers to place their orders in your kitchen, further eliminating staff needed to act as a go-between. Crisp images and easy-to-understand ordering steps make our systems unique to the industry.

Payroll Deduction Benefits Everyone

We offer the option of employee payroll deduction and employee or customer payment using a credit or debit card to ensure a convenient payment process for everyone. Automated deductions result in a seamless end-to-end process that is preferable to out-dated methods.

Self-service kiosks increase check sizes as well, so upselling is no longer a requirement for cashiers. Available add-on items are displayed or highlighted in a way that makes it easy for employees to create the meal they genuinely want, rather than the one they feel is appropriate.

Eliminating the human error factor is another benefit of incorporating Self-Service Kiosk POS systems in your cafeteria or cafe. Customer complaints can increase the amount of time your kitchen staff wastes through wrong orders and misunderstandings.

Contact our team at ARBA to discuss options in your facility. We’re available by phone and through email to answer questions or to schedule a demo of our services systems. Our ARBA clients have access to 24/7 support from our staff.

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