Cafe POS System

A cafe, even just a mediocre one, only needs a relatively small list of things to run well. A modern cafe needs premium coffee and pastries, premium dishes, coffee grinders, coffee pots, an espresso machine, and a cash register, right? Yes, except for the cash register. True, a coffee shop can run with a simple cash register. If you're currently running or planning to run a cafe with only a simple cash register, do yourself a favor, and post a "Cash Only" sign on the door to let your customers know in advance. Realistically, great cafes need a versatile and dynamic cafe POS system.

ARBA Pro is the industry leader in cafe POS systems, and we understand the business inside and out. Most customers prefer to pay with plastic, and even plastic payments are becoming less prevalent in today's cashless world. Today, the kinds of cashless payments that are trending would make some people's heads spin. Common cashless payments include Near Field Communications (NFC) chips, bitcoin payments, mobile money, and more.

Find a POS Package That's Right for Your Cafe

A basic POS setup contains a PC-based monitor (either touchscreen or key touch), a credit/debit card reader, a cash drawer, a barcode scanner, and a receipt printer. While the hardware is quite simple, the software is quite intricate. The ARBA Pro cafe POS system simplifies all the software's complex calculations on the user's end, making it easy for everyone to use.

When you use an ARBA Pro cafe POS system, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your POS system will operate in the event your Internet goes down (and it will at some point!). All user files are backed in the cloud, and your transactions will automatically upload when your Internet connection is restored. When selecting a POS package, be sure you do your research, and choose one that fits your business well!

Choose an ARBA Pro Cafe POS System

All over the Internet, you can find complaints about bad POS experiences, such as POS systems crashing.  When this happens, the only thing an employer can do is accept cash payments. However, most people don't pay with cash in cafes. Put simply; this means the coffee shop loses business, and in some cases, angry customers may never return. Imagine that scenario playing out right before your busy breakfast or lunch rush. With the ARBA Pro cafe POS system, you'll NEVER have to worry about that happening. That's the power of the cloud!

When you partner with ARBA Pro, you have a team of professionals who run their businesses and understand what a great POS system can do for a cafe. Why is that important? Because, choosing the right POS system can lead to new revenue streams, increased profits and employee productivity, and happier customers. Selecting the wrong POS system can lead to lost revenue streams, fewer profits and reduced employee productivity, and very unhappy customers. Don't stereotype! Not all POS systems are the same.

Cafe POS System

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