POS For Payroll Deduction

Point of sale systems become more advanced by the day, and employers are continually finding retail solutions with new POS features. POS for payroll deductions isn't new, but ARBA Pro POS systems are always upgrading and adding new features to our software to make the retail experience better for everyone involved. With so much focus and priority given to customers and employers (and rightfully so), sometimes it may seem as if the employees are forgotten.

ARBA Pro POS for payroll deductions brings the employees back into the picture. Let's face it, as stressful, and as much of a headache as employees can be, we couldn't run our businesses without them. Hence, we need them. Sure, we could replace them if they leave. Unfortunately, training new employees takes time and costs money. Taking advantage of POS features for payroll deductions allows employers to offer an added benefit to their employees easily.

In a recent survey, a US-based POS company found that roughly 85% of employees who receive payroll deductions in the workplace consider it a significant reason why they stay with their employers. Most stated that they appreciate being able to order meals, snacks, and beverages between paychecks when they are broke. Employers enjoy happier employees, and ARBA Pro POS for payroll deductions allows employers to offer this feature to employees with no hassle. Additionally, adding payroll deduction options for worker's meals opens up new streams of revenue for employers and increases profits, in addition to making workers happy.

Most employees shudder when they hear the phrase "payroll deduction," and rightfully so. Federal taxes, state taxes, and local taxes, in addition to FICA and other imposed payroll deductions (such as child support and other wage garnishments), gouge employees pockets so much that they often can't afford the necessary costs of living. Payroll deductions for food and merchandise can be a double-edged sword.

As with everything in life, it's essential to use payroll deductions wisely. To prevent abuse, ARBA Pro POS for payroll deduction allows employers to set spending limits for each employee for each pay period. Our POS for payroll deduction also allows employers to choose which items are available and which ones are off limits.

Keeping tabs is made easy with our POS software because employers can simply set it and forget it. Once you choose your POS for payroll deduction software settings, ARBA Pro does the rest. Data is logged automatically, and reports can be viewed and printed with a simple click of a button. Our POS for payroll deduction empowers employers, increases profits, makes employees happy and is easy to manage.

Further, restaurants, bars, cafes, cafeterias, and other hospitality establishments benefit immensely when employees are more involved with the business. It's a powerful social proof if customers see the employees eating their employer's food. They will assume that your establishment must be a good one if even the employees like it. However, while most employees will take advantage of payroll deductions, they're less likely to pay money out-of-pocket.

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POS For Payroll Deduction

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