ARBA’s cashless vending system eliminates the need to carry cash by allowing employees and guests to make vending machine purchases using their employee badge or debit/credit card. This fast service provides 24 by 7 access, and is a convenient and valued benefit for employees because the need to carry cash or search for change for a vending purchase is eliminated. Frequently used during Café off hours, or placed in locations where a staffed point of sale is not possible, cashless vending food and beverage purchases are ideal for late shift workers and visitors.

Onsite vending machine purchases are validated with the card scan, tap or swipe. The snack and drink purchases will post to the corresponding payroll account, or debit/credit account. The solution reduces cash management costs and exposure, and captures more impulse purchases.

Vending purchases using employee badges is an add on feature to the ARBA employee payroll deduction or declining balance solution that offers end-to-end integration from the acceptance of a cashless payment method, through centralized account management and reporting tools. The system recognizes existing employee badges, so there’s no need to replace the proximity, RFID, bar coded or magnetic stripe badges currently in use. The vending purchases are tracked, and integrated with your ARBA POS system with back office media and sales reporting.

Payroll deduction and declining balance account transactions and balances are stored in the ARBA system, and deduction amounts are automatically exported to the payroll system at the end of each pay period, or on a daily basis. The ARBA system manages to pre-set limits by pay period, by day, or both. The ARBA Payroll deduction and declining balance system also tracks replacement badges, and recognizes new employees as they are added to payroll.

An MDB Interface equipped vending machine is required, and wireless options are available.