Coffee Shop and Cafeteria POS Systems for Colleges

You can get more revenue from your university coffee shop or cafeteria, while making the checkout process easier for customers at the same time, with ARBA’s college cafeteria POS system. Not only do our POS systems help you with inventory management and reporting, but the ARBAPRO Café POS System can even help you with more effective menu planning for your college coffee shop or cafeteria.

Here are just a few of the ways our university cafeteria POS system can help you better manage your payments and inventory:

  • Easier, cashless payments at the register. With our college coffee shop POS system, students and faculty can pay for their café purchases using funds preloaded on their Campus Cards. That means faster throughput and a simpler checkout option.
  • Highly detailed reporting. The ARBAPRO POS system for university coffee shops and cafeterias has the built-in ability to run over 40 reports, so you can easily access the information you need to improve operations.
  • Inventory control functions. This is a college cafeteria POS system that not only streamlines checkout functions and reporting, but also helps you track the cost and inventory level of various ingredients — and helps you track how individual menu items are performing.
  • Better menu management. Speaking of menu items, this university coffee shop and cafeteria POS software gives you complete control over your menu planning, with menu screens that can rotate between breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as between different weekly menu options.

Whether your campus has one coffee shop or cafeteria, or a few of each, the ARBAPRO college cafeteria POS system can help you keep them running smoothly while increasing both convenience and revenue. Contact us today to learn how our POS solutions offer more robust inventory management and reporting.

Cashless Vending

ARBA’s cashless vending system eliminates the need to carry cash by allowing employees and guests to make vending machine purchases using their employee badge or debit/credit card. This fast service provides 24 by 7 access, and is a convenient and valued benefit for employees because the need to carry cash or search for change for a vending purchase is eliminated. Read More.

Graphical Reporting Dashboard for Your POS and Cashless Payment Systems

Provides POS system graphic reporting that is a visual representation of your key ARBAPRO sales and financial reports. The graphical reporting dashboard is a quick and easy way to see your POS data at a glance, and identify important trends and patterns. Read More.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage allows you to display menus and specials on digital menu boards to draw customer attention, and keep customers informed of your menu offering and specials. Digital signs are a natural additional to your POS system to help your café or coffee bar increase sales, and advertise specials. Read More.