ARBA: Datalogic Memor POS equipment
Physical Inventory/Datalogic scanner Merchandise Receiving

Even though your inventory is controlled by your register sales, and by what you receive, it can still be very vulnerable. Breakage, theft, sales or receiving errors can all affect the accuracy of your on hand quantities. ARBA Retail Systems offers an elegant physical inventory

tool that will help you quickly and easily correct those discrepancies.
Our dual purpose physical inventory and merchandise receiving device – the datalogic Memor™ – is a sleek new machine which combines a scanner, computer and wi-fi capability into an easy-to-handle, easy-to-use package.

If most of your items are bar-coded, the datalogic Memor™ is the easiest and most reliable way to count inventory. Fast! Accurate! Easy to use! Whether you’re counting the entire store or just one department, this pocket-sized computer saves time in labor, increases accuracy, and potentially reduces store closing time.

A small and slim design offers excellent ergonomics for single-handed use. When not in use for physical inventory, it may be used for receipt of merchandise. Rugged construction provides this Mobile Computer with the ability to survive unintentional drops and exposure to water and dust. The Datalogic Memor color TFT QVGA display with touch screen and phone-like numeric keypad satisfy all mobile application needs, with large memory to store applications and data.

The physical inventory Datalogic Memor scanner comes ready to use with your ARBA software, with internal programming developed by the ARBA team that insures smooth and seamless operations in ARBA’s physical inventory and receiving modules. The Memor ™ is supplied with a power supply and mini USB cable.

Our Point of Sale (POS) software system is designed for your business, from fast throughput at the point of sale, to customer management and item level control. We invite you to discover how ARBAPRO – elegantly simple, perfectly practical – can increase profits and make your retail operations run smoother than ever imagined.