Digital Signs for Businesses

Digital Signage allows you to display menus and specials on digital menu boards to draw customer attention, and keep customers informed of your menu offering and specials. Digital signs are a natural additional to your POS system to help your café or coffee bar increase sales, and advertise specials.

Bright, eye-catching digital menu boards capture 10 times more attention than standard menu boards, bringing menu items to life and enhancing overall customer experience. Highly cost effective digital signs help customers make faster, more informed decisions, and enjoy a more engaging experience. You’ll be able to engage your customers by providing information on specials and menus in an attention grabbing, high resolution digital display.

Use the digital signs to influence your customers’ buying decisions through informative digital messaging that results in increased sales. You’ll be able to leverage suggestive selling to motivate customer buying behavior, and increase average ticket amounts through up-selling. Promote daily specials, display your entire menu, or display a menu for a given meal period. Customer wait times will even be reduced, because customers will be able view available choices and prices, and make purchase decisions before arriving at check-out points.

Content management and maintenance is easy, making it simple to customize menus, update menu screens, change specials, or change menu items. Standard signage is static and costly to change. Digital signage saves expensive printing costs, and offers the flexibility to adapt to changing customer preferences, season changes, product shortages, and availability of raw ingredients.

Included is a commercial grade direct-LIT LED display with excellent full HD image quality, a sleek design, and sharp images for a powerful customer experience. Mounting hardware, software, easy to customize content templates, and installation are also included.