Medical Equipment Stores

Welcome to a complete POS Inventory Control System that can do more for you than you ever expected a cash register could do.  More of a business partner than a register, ARBAPRO can help make your job easier, and your profit margins higher.  Elegantly simple software and perfectly practical hardware – brought to you by ARBA, the leader in Health Care POS systems since 1984.

ARBAPRO brings you a whole new perspective on your business, showing you things you may have never seen, and doing things you never expected.  ARBAPRO can…

  • Review how much money your store earned yesterday, last week, or  last month
  • Tell you how much profit is being generated by each item in each department
  • Tell your cashiers why the register is beeping
  • Alert you when inventory of a particular item is low
  • Name the ten oldest items in your store
  • Generate many complete inventory orders in minutes
  • Put items on sale globally, or make pricing changes
  • Sort customer information by last visit, dollars purchased, or merchandise interests
  • Speed up payroll deduction and fundraiser sales by 90% at the cash register
  • Turn in payroll deductions on time and unattended
  • Identify how much merchandise is walking out the door


Easy to Use Point of Sale

Ordinary cash registers just hold cash.  ARBAPRO goes far, far beyond that simple function.  Our touch screen cash registers are easy to learn, easy to use, and help keep your customers happy by speeding throughput at the point of sale.  You’ll be able to swipe or scan employee badges to make payroll deductions a breeze so employees keep coming back and spending more.

You’ll get a handle on customer buying preferences, so you’ll be able to tailor your merchandise mix to ensure repeat business – and countless pricing options mean that you can be as creative as you want with your merchandise pricing.

You’ll get a daily sales profitability report so you can maintain the balance between traffic generation and profit.  And ARBAPRO will ensure that price adjustments and discounts are only given as intended – these are controlled by cashier access and reported daily.  It all adds up to a system that does more so you can earn more.

Save Time & Yours, Your Customer’s and Your Staff’s ARBAPRO also helps you save time on everyday record-keeping and paperwork so you can spend more time on the big picture decisions that really make a difference.  You’ll find your entire inventory, ordering and receiving process fully automated – no small feat considering it can take managers working by hand up to 10 hours per week to do the same thing ARBAPRO does in minutes.  Save hours every day as you make global and cost changes, put ranges of merchandise on sale globally. What’s more, our optional payroll deduction feature means you’ll no longer have to spend time handwriting payroll charge slips or calculating payroll payments by hand.  ARBAPRO can handle everything from importing employee files to badge scanning, signature receipt printing and automatic payment calculation. You’ll be able to instantly generate printed deduction reports, or create a data file for even faster delivery to your payroll department.

As you save time, so will your cashiers and customers.  A simple, clear register screen combined with single key entry makes training easy and day-to-day operations smooth and  quick.  Optional credit card authorization, check verification, and payroll deductions all enhance customer operations and flow.

Streamline Store Management

The ARBAPRO system includes a manager’s office workstation that allows you to run the store from behind the scenes, using a toolbox of reports and utilities that give you the information you need to make the decisions that matter most.

Reduce out-of-stock situations with full inventory control, automatically prepared orders and order recommendations based on automatic inventory analysis.  You’ll be able to review these recommendations, then prepare purchase orders at the touch of a button.  ARBAPRO also does the unexpected – like letting you put seasonal merchandise on sale with just a few keystrokes.  The system allows you to add new items to inventory on the fly during receiving or purchasing, and to purchase non-stock items.

Use ARBAPRO’s extensive reporting capability to analyze your inventory and make vendor and sales rep contacts more productive – no more guessing which products you need, or when you need them.  ARBAPRO provides a clear view of all the pieces of the profit puzzle.  You put them together in infinite combinations.

The right software.  The right hardware.  The right company to back it all up.  ARBAPRO for Windows by ARBA Retail Systems is the right choice for your hospital medical equipment store.  We can help you increase profits, save time and streamline store management.  Get ARBAPRO for Windows® from ARBA.


ARBA Retail Systems offers many options which can be added now or in the future, providing you with a scalable solution that will grow with your evolving needs.

Multi-Store Service Location Management:

ARBA offers Multi-Store Service Location Management with individual and consolidated reporting from your cross town campuses.

Payroll Deductions & Special Features for Hospital:

Optimize throughput at the register, provide employee convenience, and increase sales revenue with payroll deductions with employee badge scanning.  File exchange with payroll can be fully automated and tailored to your hospital’s needs.  ARBAPRO can import your existing employee files.  With each subsequent import, we’ll recognize new or terminated employees, and even identify replacement badge numbers.  At the register, you’ll be able to read employee badges of varying types using the supplied magnetic reader or bar code scanner, or, if necessary, other optional badge readers (you can also look up staff manually by name or customer number).  The register notifies your cashier if the account has been terminated or is over the credit limit – it’s the  manager’s choice to override a credit limit.  Payroll deductions have simply never been faster or easier.

Payroll Department Reports:

Prepare ARBAPRO’s deduction reports for your payroll department quickly and easily.  The software can be customized to transfer files electronically to and from your payroll department.  Deductions are based on user-definable splits or full deduction amounts.  Payments are credited on your payroll posting date.  ARBAPRO’s customer categories allow for separation of payroll deductions from department charges,  and physician’s office charges.

Accounts Receivable / House Charges:

No more writing out payroll deduction slips by hand.  ARBAPRO does it for you and generates reports automatically as well as statements for physician and department charges.

Credit Card Authorization:

Provide convenience for visitors as well as employees.  Credit card and debit card transactions are quick, easy and completely integrated with ARBAPRO’s cash register.  Swipe the credit or debit card, or enter numbers manually for phone orders. ARBA  Retail Systems uses PCCharge™ by VeriFone as our processing devise for PC based  payment processing solutions. PCCharge ™ is a PA-DSS validated solution  that features many security safeguards and anti-fraud controls. Through  its use, merchants are one step closer to achieving Payment Card Industry (PCI)  compliance and protecting their business interests.

Pin Pads:

Accept Credit Cards or Debit Cards at your ARBAPRO Cash Register.  Counter mount swivel stand option available. Save money on your credit card fees!

Onsite Training:

Training for your new POS system is just as important as the decision you’ve made to install it.  Acquiring your new POS system can be a significant undertaking, and will have a major impact on your day-to-day operations.  Our trainers know how to make this transition easy.  Training provides you with immediate and effective use of the system, saves you time wasted in trial and error learning, and yields a fast return on your investment.

Excellent Support:

ARBA offers two types of customer support. Both support offerings include any software upgrades and enhancements released during the support period at no additional cost. Extended Hours Software Telephone Support (Sunday thru Saturday) is available for the busy store, while our Business Hours Software Telephone Support (Monday thru Friday) is also available.