Retail Inventory Control POS Systems

ARBA retail POS systems track inventory and help you keep popular items in stock, but they also do so much more. Our inventory control system helps you ensure that you maintain your ideal inventory balances while avoiding the out-of-stocks that can cause you to lose sales. Because ARBA inventory management software is fully automated and tracks inventory in real-time, you’ll be able to keep the right balance of merchandise without tying up too much of your capital in items that take time to sell.

ARBA retail POS systems with inventory control also offer these other valuable options:

Customer Loyalty Programs

If you want a proven way to inspire customer loyalty and repeat business, there’s nothing like a good customer loyalty program. ARBA retail POS systems allow you to tailor a loyalty program to your business and your customers’ buying habits, and can even assist you with crafting more effective marketing campaigns around customer preferences and buying history.

Historical Sales Data and Financial Reporting

ARBA inventory control systems help you keep tabs on your merchandise and make it less likely to walk out the door. You can run reports to find out your sales by day, week, or month, as well as by cash register exceptions such as void item, void all, discounts, and manual sales.

ARBAPRO POS Solutions are EMV-Ready

ARBA Retail Systems has worked with VeriFone to interface our Point-of-Sale Software with VeriFone’s EMV-compliant POINT Payment Solution. By using chips as an active part of the payment transaction, EMV cards and devices help prevent credit card fraud from stolen account numbers and cloned payment cards. Moving to the POINT Payment Solution will allow you to accept payment via Debit with PIN and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay, and facilitate signature capture.

Gift Cards

Increase your sales and keep customers loyal by offering gift cards that you can customize with your company or school logo, or other artwork. Many ARBA clients use gift cards as incentives for their employees or as an alternative to refunds. However you choose to use them, ARBA retail POS software can track the amount loaded onto the card, and the cards can be re-loaded.

Physical Inventory

ARBA inventory control systems help track your inventory as it sells or is returned and resold, but we realize that breakage, theft and incorrect receiving entries can all affect your inventory levels as well. For that reason, our physical inventory tool can help you reconcile any discrepancies between what you’re supposed to have in stock and actual stock levels.

ARBA’s sophisticated inventory control system also offers group matrix management so you have more flexibility when you need to track and order items that come in different varieties, sizes and/or colors, such as t-shirts and other apparel. And you can easily manage product pricing and seasonal sales.
Cashless Vending

ARBA’s cashless vending system eliminates the need to carry cash by allowing employees and guests to make vending machine purchases using their employee badge or debit/credit card. This fast service provides 24 by 7 access, and is a convenient and valued benefit for employees because the need to carry cash or search for change for a vending purchase is eliminated. Read More.

Graphical Reporting Dashboard for Your POS and Cashless Payment Systems

Provides POS system graphic reporting that is a visual representation of your key ARBAPRO sales and financial reports. The graphical reporting dashboard is a quick and easy way to see your POS data at a glance, and identify important trends and patterns. Read More.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage allows you to display menus and specials on digital menu boards to draw customer attention, and keep customers informed of your menu offering and specials. Digital signs are a natural additional to your POS system to help your café or coffee bar increase sales, and advertise specials. Read More.
Contact us today to learn more about how our fully automated inventory control and retail POS systems provide a faster, more convenient way for your employees, students and other customers to make payments in your retail locations while helping you keep a tighter grip on your inventory.