ARBA Retail Systems offers of POS equipment and hardware options that work together seamlessly with your ARBAPRO POS Inventory Control Software.  This results in a complete Point of sale offering of hardware and software  that is ideally suited to your specific environment.  A few of our best-of-breed hardware options include:

Touch Screen Cash Register

Our all-in-one Touch Screen Cash Register models have a small footprint, and offer a neat and tidy presentation.  Vivid on-screen display, easy to understand navigation messages and a large customer display all combine to make this technologically elegant.

On screen, the cashier’s easy to read transaction box displays the sale with item descriptions and prices, sharing the screen with item and action buttons.  Understandable prompts appear as needed.

The touch screen is fully programmable. Buttons and list box space are tailored to your store’s needs.  Color, type fonts and key sizes are built the way YOU want, and are easily changed.

Every transaction performed is recorded by the computer, providing both register security and employee sales tracking.

Physical Inventory Memor Merchandise Receiving Scanner

Our pos equipment physical inventory/merchandise receiving device – the Datalogic Memor™ – is a sleek new machine which combines a scanner, computer and wi-fi capability into an easy-to-handle, easy-to-use package.

If most of your items are bar-coded, then the Memor™ is the easiest and most reliable way to count inventory. Fast! Accurate! Easy to use! Whether you’re counting the entire store or just one department, this pos equipment pocket-sized computer saves time in labor, increases accuracy, and potentially reduces store closing time. Click here for POS equipment Datalogic Memor details.

Pos Equipment Bar Code Scanner – Hands Free

An affordable, aesthetically pleasing scanning solution! Our hands-free bar code scanner is lightweight, compact and rugged. Key features include an easy-to-find sweet spot, adjustable scan head, and scan speed of 1,120 scans per second. Patented technology enables scans in a single pass.

Bar Code Scanner – Hand Held Laser

This scanner handles all of your scanning needs. Features include auto activation mode, custom edit bar codes, and support for common interfaces.

Thermal Receipt Printer

Designed for the high volume retail environment, our POS equipment Thermal Receipt Printers deliver speed and reliability. Printers are fully programmable, with auto cutter and easy drop-in paper loading.

Bar Code Blaster

High speed UPC bar code price/shelf tag printing for received quantities. Print price/shelf tags for existing inventory with price change. Editable price/shelf tag files; add, delete, edit quantity, and description.

Badge Reader

Badge reader lets you identify employees quickly and easily, readers available for magnetic stripe, bar code, masked bar code and proximity format badges.

Automatic Coin Dispenser

This easy to use coin dispenser increases thru-put at checkout and reduces cashier errors.  Sleek design integrates seamlessly into your business environment. The durable construction withstands continuous high-volume operations in the most demanding environments. High-capacity coin canister holds approximately 200 transactions.

Integrated Scale

The ARBAPRO cash register interfaces to electronic scales for items sold by weight. Our accurate and reliable scales allow for tare weights, have an easy to read six-digit display, and a 30 pound capacity.