ARBA: Touch Screen Cash Register

World’s most efficient touch Screen PoS Cash Register

Touch  screen operations on ARBAPRO’s cashier friendly cash register software & a stunning POS solution! Our all-in-one Touch Screen Cash Register has a small footprint, and offers a neat and tidy presentation for your store.  Vivid on-screen keyboard, easy to understand navigation messages and a large customer display all combine to make this a technologically elegant.  Built in speakers and available options such as a magnetic strip reader, Credit card reader, integrated customer display, and an internal CD-ROM make this system very versatile.

On screen, the cashier’s easy to read transaction box displays the sale with item descriptions and prices, sharing the screen with item and action buttons. Understandable prompts appear as needed. The  touch screen’s keyboard is fully programmable. Buttons and list box space are  tailored to your store’s needs.  Color,  type fonts and key sizes are built the way you want, and are easily  changed.

Employee  numbers control register access, and every transaction performed is recorded by  the computer, providing both register security and employee sales  tracking.

Register  operations include real time inventory update, exception reporting for  non-standard transactions and problem identification, inventory item on-screen  look up by description, part number or PLU, customer look up by ID card scan or  magnetic stripe, or by on-screen name or ID number look up.

ARBAPRO Cash Register Receipts and price and shelf tags

What makes our  receipts and tags stand out is information. Everything you and your customers need to know is right where you want  it. Plus, you have room to customize  your receipts to add your store name, announcements of upcoming sales events,  or any other important information.

Customer  receipt allows you to customize beginning and ending messages, includes cashier  name, detailed purchase information, PLU number/description, and tax  status. Signature  receipt has customizable beginning message, signature information, date and  time, and cashier’s name.

The information  on ARBAPRO prices and shelf tags provides additional security, giving your  employees at-a-glance information that can help prevent price switching. ARBAPRO bar code printing will print either  manufacturer’s symbology or system-assigned code numbers, giving you the  flexibility you need to make the system work for you.

Additional ARBAPRO Cash Registers and Office Workstations

Network as many  registers or workstations as you need to run your shop(s). Our cash regsiter solutions are scalable to chain stores / multi-stores. Read more about ARBA’s multi-store PoS cash regsiter.

Combine your ARBAPRO POS Software and Cash Register with  compatible hardware:

Thermal Receipt Printer
Prints  receipts quickly and clearly. Prints  customer original, credit card, payroll deductions, or accounts receivable  sales. Sales journal is stored  electronically. Fully programmable, with  auto cutter and tear bar and easy drop-in paper loading.
Customer Pole Display
Customer  display with transaction or advertising message.  Shows purchase and total information, and holds  store message when not in use.
Credit Card Authorization
Build in magnetic  strip reader for optional credit card authorization and employee badges. Credit card transactions are quick, easy and  completely integrated with ARBAPRO’s cash register. Swipe the credit card, or enter numbers  manually for phone orders.
Bar Code Scanner & Hands Free Laser
An  aesthetically pleasing scanning solution,  Lightweight, compact and rugged. Key features include an easy-to-find sweet spot and adjustable scan  head.
Bar Code Scanner & Hand Held Laser
This scanner  handles all of your scanning needs. Features  include auto activation mode, or an easy aim-and-point targeted scan.

ARBA Retail Systems is a national product division of ARBA Technology, Inc., a thriving and well-respected business since 1981. The ARBA Retail POS product suite was envisioned and developed by retail experts who shared many years of successful retail management experience. As such, the product suite addresses key retail business needs such as throughput and ease of use at the POS, customer management, operational efficiencies, product mix, inventory management, revenue and profitability, financial accuracy, and register security – just to name a few.