Additional Services

In addition to Installation, Training and Webinars, and Support, ARBA Retail Systems offers several additional services to our clients to help them get the most out of their POS System.

Physical Inventory

ARBA Retail Systems’ Physical Inventory services are designed to make Physical Inventory as stress-free and efficient as possible. A member of the ARBA training team is onsite at the client site for the entire Physical Inventory process, from running pre-Physical Inventory reports to updating inventory at the end of Physical Inventory.

ARBA Retail Systems highly recommends that any client who is using multiple scanners for Physical Inventory utilizes the Physical Inventory services for at least the first Physical Inventory session. This service can be a one-time event, with the purpose of training the client to be completely self-sufficient for future Physical Inventory sessions, or it can be a yearly service to ensure that Physical Inventory is a success each year.

Register Customization for an Existing Client

ARBA Retail Systems offers register screen customization for our existing clients. If, for example, a client wants to add additional register screens to utilize single item keys rather than barcode books, a member of the ARBA training team can schedule a session to completely customize and build the screen for the client, ensuring that all aspects of the screen are set up correctly the first time.

Menu Maintenance

ARBA Retail Systems offers menu maintenance services for our food services clients, saving the food services director or manager time and effort. Our staff can manage all aspects of menu maintenance, from adding new items to the inventory list to building new register screens to incorporate into the meal rotation, so that the food services director or manager can spend his or her time on more important tasks.

Payroll Deduction Customization for an Existing Client

ARBA Retail Systems completely customizes the Payroll Deduction setup for our clients when they initially purchase the Payroll Deduction Module. However, there are times when clients need to make significant changes to their setup, such as changing from manual to automatic file exchange or changing the payroll package with which the system interfaces. ARBA’s IT group can work with a client’s organization to make the necessary changes to the Payroll Deduction setup, which enables Payroll Deductions to continue to operate smoothly no matter what changes might occur at the client’s organization.

For more information on any of these services, or to request a quote for one of the services, please contact [email protected]