ARBA Retail Systems works hand in hand with you and your IT team to manage the entire installation process, from initial planning to post-installation support, to ensure that your installation runs as smoothly as possible and that you will be successfully using your ARBAPRO POS system for many years.

Project Management

If you do not have an onsite Project Manager, project management services are available to oversee the planning and installation of your ARBAPRO system.

Kick-Off Call

Once ARBA Retail Systems has received your signed SOW and deposit, the kick-off call is held with all of the key members of your team. During the kick-off call, the member of the ARBA team who is managing your installation explains the entire installation process and timeline, including what steps need to be completed by key personnel and when those steps need to be completed. This call ensures that everyone who is participating in the installation process knows his or her role and responsibilities.

Technical Review Call

During the technical review call, a member of the ARBA Retail Systems IT team works with your IT team to review technical requirements related to the installation, operation, and support of your ARBAPRO system. This includes a review of requirements for servers, server space, server location, backroom computers, backup procedures, remote access, permissions, antivirus exceptions, and credit card processing. This also provides an opportunity for your IT team to ask questions and better understand the ARBAPRO system. Primary areas of discussion include PCI compliance, handling of credit card data, and Payroll Deduction integration.

Training Call

If you have purchased training, the training call takes place 1-2 weeks before your installation date with the ARBA trainer who will be conducting your training. The trainer will work with you to design your training plan and schedule so that you can get the most out of your investment in the ARBAPRO POS system.

Weekly Status Calls

The weekly status calls ensure that your installation process is progressing as needed for a successful installation. During these calls, the member of the ARBA team who is managing your installation goes over all of the tasks for that week, verifies that they were completed successfully, and goes over the tasks for the following week.

Onsite Installation

On the day of your installation, a technician comes on site and unboxes and sets up your hardware (the cash register and its peripherals, the Barcode Blaster, the Memor scanner, and the manager’s computer if it was purchased from ARBA). The ARBA Retail Systems IT team remotes in and installs/configures the software on the manager’s computer, configures the registers, and configures any additional hardware that was purchased (the Barcode Blaster and/or the Memor Scanner).

We strongly recommend having your IT administrator present to ensure that the ARBAPRO installation interacts with the client environment, domain policies, and user permissions without issue, and we also recommend having your DBA present to ensure that connection to the ARBAPRO database is accomplished without issue.

Onsite Training

For all new clients, your first day of training will take place the day after installation. Your ARBA trainer will arrive onsite first thing in the morning to begin a full day of manager’s training, which typically consists of four hours of training in the morning and four hours in the afternoon.

The second and potential third day of training are tailored to fit your needs, depending upon how many cashiers need training and the options you have selected for your ARBAPRO POS system. The second day of training can consist of up to four two-hour cash register training sessions, with up to 15 participants in each session, and, depending upon how many cash register training sessions are held, up to six hours of additional manager’s training. The third potential day of training is typically reserved for clients who have a full day of cash register training on the second day of training and who have selected additional ARBAPRO options, like Multi-Store, Payroll Deductions, Fundraisers, and Memor scanners.

For more information on the training options offered by ARBA Retail Systems, please see the Training page.


Once the ARBAPRO POS system has been installed at your location, you will receive one week of dedicated support from your ARBA trainer and the ARBA engineer. With any new installation there are sometimes issues, and ARBA Retail Systems is dedicated to making sure that your transition to the ARBAPRO POS system is as smooth as possible.

After the week of dedicated supported is over, you will move to ARBA’s regular Customer Support offering, which features 24/7/365 support.

For more information on ARBA’s Customer Support offering, please see the Support and Maintenance page.