Cashless Payment Systems for Employees

ARBA’s Cashless Payment Solutions offer the perfect blend of benefits: A convenient and cashless way to let employees purchase the food or beverages they want from your company cafeteria or store, increasing their productivity and satisfaction while your revenues also increase by as much as 25-50%.

Cashless Payment Options Create Faster, Easier Transactions

ARBA’s versatile POS and inventory management system uses employee ID badges as a method for cashless payments in your company store, cafe, coffee shop or other retail area. The ability to simply swipe an employee ID at the register helps keep the line moving smoothly and makes it easier for employees to buy meals or beverages — keeping them more productive and adding to your sales at the same time. Our POS systems that offer cashless payment methods are an employee benefit that benefits your business, too!

Integration with Popular Accounting Software

ARBA point of sale and inventory management software is directly or indirectly integrated with several ERP/accounting systems, including:

  • Oracle/PeopleSoft
  • Lawson
  • SAP
  • ADP
  • Kronos
  • QHR
  • Custom Built Payroll

Our cashless employee payment system helps boost your retail sales because your employees will have an additional, easy way to pay for the meals and snacks they purchase in your cafeteria, coffee shop, cafe or company store.

Contact us today to learn how our inventory management and POS systems give your employees a faster, more convenient way to pay for food, beverages and other products while helping you manage inventory and keep popular items in stock!