POS Software for Retail

Retail customers want their shopping experience to be quick and convenient. Store owners want a retail POS system that also incorporates inventory management solutions that help them save time and money. ARBA Retail Systems offers retail point of sale systems that make both the retailer and the customer happy.

Our retail point of sale software is scalable, so it can be used with operations of all size — from one-location stores to enterprise-level businesses with multiple locations. What’s more, our POS and inventory management solutions can be used with kiosks and mobile devices, so they go where you need them.

Easy to Use, Easy to Learn Retail POS Systems

ARBA’s POS solutions for retail stores keep up with your inventory in real-time as products are received, sold or returned. Touchscreen technology and barcode scanning make transactions easier and faster for both employees and customers. ARBA Retail Systems also offers a cloud-based, PCI DSS-compliant payment solution through our partnership with VeriFone, using VeriFone’s PAYware Connect.

Inventory Management Solutions

Good inventory control is a delicate balance between keeping enough product on hand so you don’t miss sales due to out-of-stock items, and not tying up too much capital in items that won’t sell as well. With the inventory analysis tools you can get with ARBA retail POS solutions, you can maintain that balance while reducing costs and identifying your best-performing and worst-performing products and vendors.

Over 80 reports can be run by our inventory management software to help you make better buying decisions and maintain a good profit margin. And with the physical inventory feature, you can account for loss due to breakage and theft — either by department or storewide.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Retail POS systems that can also track purchases and loyalty points by customer make it easier for both your employees and shoppers to participate in customer loyalty programs — no more punch cards that can get lost! This also results in a faster transaction time.

Multistore and Warehouse Inventory Management Solutions

Working in conjunction with our retail POS systems, the ARBA Multi-Store software solution helps you manage warehouses and multiple retail locations from one central location. Inter-store transfers, shipments from the warehouse to store locations, and shipments directly to the retail location are all easier to manage with this software solution.

ARBA retail point of sale and inventory management solutions make it easier for retail businesses of all sizes to maintain inventory levels and keep customers happy and coming back again and again. With our easy-to-use retail POS software, proactive customer support, and robust training programs, your business could be enjoying higher profits in no time. Contact us today to learn more.