ARBAPRO Multi-Store

Are you managing multiple retail locations? Do you need centralized control from one location or head office? Then ARBAPRO Multi-Store will help you gain centralized control of all of your retail operations with ARBAPRO-Multi.

ARBAPRO-Multi Lets You…..

  • Manage multiple stores from one location, while allowing full functionality at the store level
  • Track and control inventory by store, or view consolidated totals
  • Review sales and profit reporting for each store, as well as totals for the group
  • Make informed re-ordering decisions based on a shops-wide view of all on-hand merchandise
  • Move merchandise at each store, or receive from one location and distribute
  • Make inter-store transfers to balance inventory
  • Allow your stores to order from your warehouse, and your warehouse to order from your distributors using our two-tier merchandise distribution capabilities
  • Consolidate purchasing, and leverage you combined buying power

Built on Microsoft’s .NET SQL Solutions Framework for easy maintainability, deployment and cross-platform integration

ARBAPRO Multi-Store

ARBAPRO Multi-store lets you manage multiple retail facilities as one centralized operation, with data from all locations combined in one central database.  All of the functionality of ARBAPRO’s Professional Version is provided in ARBAPRO Multi-store including inventory, purchasing and receiving, sales and sales reporting, cash register operations, historical data, customer management, accounts receivable, payroll deductions.

ARBAPRO Multi-Store lets you view and manage your enterprise in three ways:

  1. Consolidated (totals rolled up from all locations)
  2. By Individual Location (view / update the single store only)
  3. By Comparison Profile (all stores listed with individual values in profile).

ARBAPRO Multi-Store consolidates all appropriate data, while also drilling down to individual store levels.  You’ll be able to define what data as identical across all locations, and data which is store specific.