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How to Make Global Changes to Your Inventory Items

In this article, we focus on making global changes to the items in your inventory. Global Changes is a feature that affects a group of inventory items, and allows changes to be made to a defined group of items rather than making changes to just to one inventory item at a time. This makes it easy to make changes or put a large block of items on sale, and simplifies an otherwise time-consuming task.

The ability to make changes to the price and cost of multiple items at one time can be especially useful and efficient when managing your inventory files. For example, let’s say one of your vendors increases cost across the board by a percentage or by a dollar amount. This is a perfect time to use Global Changes to make the cost increase to your defined group of inventory items, which in this case would be defined by a specific vendor. There are other scenarios where the use of global changes will save you time, such as when you need to make a change to the price, cost or margin of all the items meeting a set of selected criteria that you define.

Before you begin to utilize Global Changes, your inventory items should be set up by departments then broken down by User Sort for Global Changes to work effectively. The use of User Sort is strongly recommended when a department consists of several types of items. Take for example your jewelry department where you have necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings and earrings. Let’s say you want to put all bracelets on sale at 30% to clear out all bracelets in inventory, and make way for the new season styles arriving. Placing this group of inventory items on sale is fast and easy to do with Global Changes, if bracelets are set up as a User Sort under the Jewelry department. Another example is your holiday merchandise. You should have a user sort for every holiday you get merchandise in for. This way, it doesn’t matter which department the merchandise is in, because the criteria for Global Changes may be defined by the user sort. On November 1st, you’ll be able to easily put all Halloween merchandise on sale, even if that merchandise is in several different departments.

Accessories is another department that lends itself well to user sort with purses, scarves and wallets each set up as their own User Sort under the accessories department. Even your candy department can be broken down by bar candy, fancy candy, bagged candy and individual candy.

Let us know how you’re using Global Changes and User Sort in your shop or store, and how this feature has saved you time.

Author:  Kathy de la Torre, ARBA Retail Systems